Chaika 2M + Olympus Pen D

...and OLD cars

Early 70s Toyota Celica
Chaika 2M
Delta 100/Diafine
'60 Austin Cambridge A55, MKII 
BMC 1489cc "B series" engine and transmission missing, donated to an older A55 MK1, pre-Farina project
Chaika 2M
Delta 100/Diafine
BMC cars were popular in the streets of 50s - 60s Manila. Aside from being middle class family transport, petrol or diesel A55s and A60s were operated as taxicabs. I was surprised to find this A55 Farina since many have been scrapped years ago. We had one and I learned to drive in it.

Austin Healey Sprite MK1 looks like an aborted restoration ...
Chaika 2M
Delta 100/Diafine
I am glad to have taken these pictures...passed by recently and a house is being constructed on this once empty lot...all the cars are gone.

More cine frame pics

Testing the Olympus Pen D
Olympus Pen D
Happy motoring!


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