Leica M3 + Summicron 35 and 50

Despite my fondness for Leica screw mount (LTM), it was this M outfit I received in trade for a SE300B amp I built that got me hooked to cameras and photography - a '61 M3 with '61 rigid 'cron + '66 8-element 35 'cron which I was using with an external VF until I acquired an M6.

This well used single stroke M3 as received was working but in dire need of a CLA and a new vulcanite so I sent it to Sherry Krauter. Upon return, Sherry noted separation in the viewfinder and highly recommended TLC in handling. That was in '97 and so far, have not noticed further deterioration.

When I visited Shanghai in 2010, I bought this half-case from Mr. Zhou. I would like to believe the padded leather is providing added protection aside from a spruced up look. ;)

The .91 (almost 1:1- life size) viewfinder magnification of the M3 is its greatest asset. It is so much easier to frame and focus a 50mm, 90 mnn or 135mm lens on this model compared to the M6's .72 VF.

Leica M3 + Summicron 50/2 rigid
Kodak TX400 in Diafine

more Summicron 50mm f2 rigid samples

Leica M6 + Summicron 35/2 8-element
Kodak TX400 in Diafine

So far I have not been compelled to upgrade to later Summicron versions as these two lenses far exceed my picture taking abilities. ;)


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