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Vostok Bezel Mods

From NATO'ed to Bezel mods

Vostok Amphibia 110640 + Bandukh Bezel

Murphy 1050 bezel + Seiko 'Pepsi' insert

Vostok "mod" Amphibia 420432

Budget SE OPTs - Edcor and Noguchi

All output transformers were tested in the je2a3 amp using the same procedure as I did in the Hammond 125ESE. Listening sessions were done through the same amp driving a single Altec 2-way speaker system

The long discontinued Tango U808 last sold for around JPY12,100. It has been my benchmark budget OPT due to its multi-tap configuration and impressive performance until it was trounced by the Hashimoto HC-203U. Nevertheless, it still is a classic OPT in my book. 
Primary Z = adjustable from 2K, 2.5K, 3.5K, 5K Power = 20W (3.5K/40hz) Frequency Response = 35hz-60Khz, pri. Z = 3.5K/-2dB Inductance = 11H - 21H Max. DC current = 130 ma.

Primary Z = 3.5K Secondary = fixed @ 16 ohm Frequency Response = 40hz - 18khz, <1dBu  Maximum DC current = 190 ma. Core Material = M6, 29 ga. grain oriented steel
I ordered this Edcor OPT to get a feel on what's available to a cash-strapped US-based DIYer. It took over 3 weeks to be delivered to my doorstep at a total cost of $58.67. The nice squa…