Kutztown Radio Show Fall 2020

Pavilion 1

This was the first audio related event I've attended since the March 2020 lockdown.

Thorens TD124 MkII

Dyna PAS 3 + ST70, ARXA turntable, Heath W4 amp

H. H. Scott 710 + Gray 216

Garrard record changer, Harman Kardon tube receiver

Weathers Turntable

Time travel to 1948

NOS pair of WE755A + full documentation

If you need to ask how much for the pair, you can't afford it. 😆

Western Electric 597A, probably worth a kidney?

Vacuum Tubes

Pavilion 2

I thought it was a pretty good turn out.

More pictures from past events


  1. Whoooeeee! Wish we had fairs like that here. Stay safe!

    1. At least you have the November HiFi Show and hopefully, more Triodefests. :) Thanks for dropping by and regards to the crew!


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