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JE Labs Simple 46

I've been hoarding type 46 power tubes gathered from radio shows I attended with my buddy Chong in the late 90s. Building an SE 46 amp was in my to do list when I packed up for Manila in '08. But things got in the way. Finally, after a round trip across the Pacific, the amp has come into fruition.

Given its designation, one would think that it is just a 45 with dual grids. However, aside from the UX-5 tube base requirement, the 46 is notquite a 45. It only puts out 1250 mWatts, 750 mWs less than the 45's 2000 mWs. Maximum plate dissipation with grid 2 tied to the plate is 5.5W compared to 10W for the 45. Although it will perform very well loaded with a 5k primary Z output transformer, the textbook recommended load is closer to 7k, due to its higher plate resistance of 2380 ohms vs. 1700 ohms for the 45.

It's been over 20 years since the Simple 45/2A3 was uploaded to the now defunct DIY section of the old Angela Instruments website. So I wanted to reprise that old-scho…

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