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Reality Check: Musical Instrument Frequency Chart + A Tidbit of Wisdom from Radiotron 3rd Edition

Musical Instrument Frequency Chart

This musical instrument frequency chart should serve as a reality check for those who obsess about metrics. During the triode era and up until cycles per second (cps) was replaced by kilohertz (kHz), a bandwidth specification of + or - 1dB from 30-15,000 cps was considered state of the art. That old standard actually made more sense if we look at the bandwidth of acoustic instruments in the chart above.
The chart is also a practical reference for all of my speaker/driver/horn articles past, present and future. Likewise, it is a handy visual aid to interpolate the pink noise + iPhone Real Time Analyzer (RTA) app traces even if in most cases they don't correlate to what we hear.😆  
In a couple of instances, an RTA trace has agreed with what I heard. In reality though, pink noise and other waveforms used for audio testing have nothing in common with musical notes and harmonies. Audio measurement is very far removed from the dynamic nature of music. To…

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