November 2010 Hi-Fi Show

Harana/Tono/SETUP collaboration

Passive tri-amplified mono system

Harana SOLENN mono-speaker:
4.5-way w/ ambiance tweeters in tri-amp configuration
Altec 1803 multi-cell midrange horn 
Dual midrange drivers: Altec 291 (phenolic diaphragm/alnico magnet) +JBL-LE85
ALTEC LANSING COAX T3000 tweeter w/ 416A 15” woofer

WESTERN ELECTRIC D150 15” woofer
 Passive tri-amplified mono speaker engineered by Joey of Harana Audio

Garrard 401 in Harana Audio plinth
Right: FR25 tonearm/Ortofon SPU mono
Center/back: 12" Gray viscous damped tonearm + Tannoy variable reluctance cartridge (LP + 78) courtesy of Rofiel

JEL mono  preamp + SE10 amp = JEL mono integrated SE210 amp
The JEL mono integrated has a buffered preamp output simultaneously connected to the integrated
SE210 amp driving the Altec 1803 multi-cell horn midrange drivers and ambient super tweeters
Harana JIO dual mono SE300B amp: 
each channel driving the Altec 416 woofer + Westrex/JBL D150 woofer respectively
6SN7 input > 6SN7 driver > 300B >Tango XE60-3.5S OPTs = 8 watt
Dual mono volume control/ DRD (Direct Reactance Drive Output)
Edrel Sison power xformer, 6 chokes on a Kamagong (Philippine Ebony) base

Stereo source: Tono Erotique
All tube phono stereo stage with built in MC step-up transformer
A pair of 417A/5842 tube first stage –passive RIAA-
Western 407a tube second stage
Edrel Sison power xformer with M6 lams

Garrard 301 grease bearing in Harana Audio crafted plinth with FR tonearm with either SPU or DL103
feeding the Erotique preamp connected to the line level section of the JEL mono integrated SE10 amp

The system - LIVE!

Icing the cake ;) 

After show dinner

Setup 2 with his darling Leic'a bids you.....'til the next show!



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