JEL SE10 amp

A Harana Audio/JE Labs collaboration

After the November 2009 Hi-Fi Show, a friend commissioned a pair of mono block SE10 amps. Given my busy concert schedule I needed the expertise and assistance of our friend Joey of Harana (Serenade in Filipino) Audio for the chassis and woodwork.

Me and Joey drafting the layout and marking pilot holes

Hashimoto H20-14U output transformers, C10-10W chokes
+  proudly Filipino wound power transformers on M6 laminations by Edrel Sison

Wiring, scope and ear testing at the attic 
E-P1 + Summicron 50/2-IV

JEL SE10 monoblocks' new home driving (1600mW per side!) PHY-HP drivers in Hans Kortenbach enclosures
E-P1 + Summicron 35/2-I
Thanks for waiting and happy listening Jovy!


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