November 2008 Hi-Fi Show

 Upon instructions from our boss, my first audio gig in Manila
 was to exhibit projects seen but never heard by the local audience. In particular - mono playback and Lenco idler drive turntables.
My wing man setup2 and BenC, a local DIY enthusiast added a twist on open baffle material...
...Philippine Tanguile wood planks, readily available for wood flooring, affordable, more rigid than plywood and even better acoustical properties.

Lenco L75 + Ortofon AS212, Garrard 301 and Thorens TD124II + FR64fx, 
JELdx preamp and SE300Bdx (driving 755C/OB)

Grease bearing Garrard 301 in laminated birch-ply plinth, Ortofon 309/SPU GME for stereo LPs...
...flanked at the back by the Philippine debut of a viscous damped Velvet Touch tonearm with cartridge slides loaded with a GE RPX and Denon DL102 for mono LPs.

Philippine premiere of Bogen/Lenco L70 doing alternate duty as mono front end
JEL mono preamp driving JEL SE2A3dx mono amp

Stereo speakers: setup2's Altec 755C/OB augmented by EV T35 tweeters
Mono speaker at center (not a subwoofer;) - Altec 605B/OB 
Wood finishing of OBs, courtesy of our friend Joey of Harana Audio (see below)

The SETUP gang
...and thanks for helping me unload and unpack...
...he he he

Pics from our Harana Audio friends

Thanks to members for your pictures!


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