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Cebu trip...

...been busy, I was in Cebu City for a concert and currently preparing for chamber music performances in August. So far I've managed to scan a couple of rolls from the trip and upload more as time permits...

Mondrian inspired open baffle + RCA 501S1

I won this 12" co-ax on eBay back in late '07 for a little over $100. There were only a few bidders and I was the only one based in the USA, the rest were in Japan. Had a feeling this might be a sleeper... When the package arrived I checked the condition of the capacitor with an LCR meter which turned out to be healthy. If it was leaky, I would have searched for a paper in oil cap that would fit in that very same clamp for authenticity and good sound. I mounted it on this open baffle for testing and it turned out to be a very fine sounding speaker. It does not have the boogie factor of the Altec 605B duplex instead, it is refined and coherent like an Altec 755A. After a couple of weeks I carefully packed it up and waited for another unit to be listed....never saw another sample. ;o(
A special driver deserves a nice looking baffle
Staring at bare plywood for over 10 years can get boring even if the sound is good..;o) For a quite a while, I've had this idea lurking in the back …