November 2011 Hi-Fi Show

Room 443
Harana/SETUP/Tono Collaboration
Speaker system designed and built by Joey of Harana Audio - JBL D140 15" woofers in V-Vent 2 bins, Westrex T550A horn lens + JBL 375 compression drivers + Gauss super tweeters

JE Labs Simple 45 amp with Hashimoto OPTs and AT&S power transformer and chokes.

JE Labs 76/6SN7 line stage preamp with remote volume control
AT&S Power Transformer and Chokes

Tono erotique WE417>WE407 phono preamp

Garrard 301 + Fidelity Research FR64fx + Ortofon SPU Royal in a Harana Audio plinth

AT&S Technologies
 Made in the Philippines

Room 444
Pure Sound

Room 403

Room 451
Sounds 'N Images
DeVore Fidelity + Leben

Room 460

Room 440
Ortofon, Spendor, EAR and Olive

Room 446 and 447
LPs and CDs

LPs tested on a Rega system

People pics...

See you again next year!


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