Leak 20

A friend sent over a grey Leak 20 for check up. It was working up to spec however the gain was too much - Mullard 5-20 circuit using 3 x 12AX7 - as it was designed with the Leak Varislope preamp which did not have gain in the line stage. So I took out of storage my own Leak 20 which I padded down with resistors back in the early 90s so I can use it with my Dyna PAS preamp mod projects ;)   

Metal film resistors and polypropylene caps, yikes!!! Been there, done that...I kept this for posterity ;) 

Hooked up to the Altec 2-way...the Leak 20 is probably one of the finest PP EL84 amp ever manufactured, yet it was not able to match the transparency of any of my SE amps...no regrets going SE ;).


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