Voigtlander: Vito II + Vito B

Scale focus cameras from the original German factory.

Late 40s-early 50s - folding
Voigtlander Vito II  with Prontor S - B, 1s - 1/300
Mid 50s - rigid
Voigtlander Vito B with Prontor SVS - B, 1s - 1/300
Both cameras are equipped with the coated Color-Skopar 50mm, f3.5 Tessar type lens but there's a difference in performance under strong direct or side light situations....

Vito II + Agfa APX100 in Rodinal

Earlier Vito II is more prone to flare...

Vito B + Agfa APX100 in Rodinal

... it seems, coating technology made a leap within a couple of years.

Vito II + Agfa APX100 in Rodinal 
Vito B + Agfa APX100 in Rodinal
more pics


The shutter on both cameras will not work unless loaded with film. Got the Vito B for $10 because it was advertised with a non-functioning shutter. A dummy film roll fixed the shutter ;)

Back in the 40s and 50s, most entry level cameras were scale focus only. With the addition of an accessory rangefinder like this Prazisa, it becomes a rangefinder camera ala early Barnack.


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