Austin Mini - Clutch Part 1

Non-Verto clutch woes

Blown slave cylinder

Top - old slave
Bottom - new slave

New slave ready for assembly
using liberal amount of DOT 4 fluid
for wheel cylinder/cap lubrication

Copper washer (from the flexible hose)
did not come with the new slave (or hose)
so I cleaned the old washer

New slave cylinder + new flexible hose
ready for installation

Since the fluid spurted out by the slave was jet black I went ahead and dismantled the master cylinder.

So much crud came out of the master cylinder
fortunately the inner wall was intact.

Master cylinder repair kit

Master cylinder components cleaned
and new wheel caps installed lubricated
by fresh DOT 4 fluid

Master cylinder ready for installation

Fresh DOT 4 fluid was transfused into the hydraulic system and bled until no air was coming coming out of the slave bleeding valve. But there were a few snags, the clutch throw out stop could not be adjusted as per Haynes and I had to insert a 1/4" bolt at the end of the clutch arm push rod to get clutch action. Although clutch pedal feel and action significantly improved, after driving around my neighborhood I still experienced intermittent clutch slide on steep hill climbs...more problems lurking ahead :(


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