November 2013 Hi-Fi Show

Michael Fremer, NFHS 2013 Guest of Honor
Check out his show coverage in Analog Planet 

Room 446
Harana Audio's 2-way horn system + JBL 2405 super tweeter
Altec 515 woofer loaded in Joey's V-Vent 2 cabinet, Altec 511 horn driven by an 802 compression driver. Harana custom "low loss" crossover. 

JE Labs SE2A3 monoblocks (6SN7GTB > 2A3) built by Joel Villanueva 
Chassis by Harana Audio

JE Labs full function preamp (6SL7s + 6SN7s) in a two tier chassis designed by Harana Audio

Grease bearing 301 in Harana Audio plinth with SME 312S arm and Denon DL103 hooked to a pair of Silk transformers

Harana/Setup/Tono and JE Labs only use AT&S power transformers and chokes from Edrel Sison

DIY Audio Highlights

SE VT25 and SE 2A3 amps by Eric F.

76/6SN7 line stage pramp by Eric F. inspired by JE Labs ;)

Phono stage preamp by Eric F.

2-Way horn system built by Lin and Larry

Scott 710A turntable + Grace G-560S

Turntable and Photom tonearm built by Mandy M.

Tape driven turntable by Mandy M.

Sonus? Nope this is a locally built speaker by Mr. Calara

Another speaker creation by Mr. Calara

Hopefully(?) SE amp friendly speakers from Tannoy

Lin and Joey having a great time

See you all next year!


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