Water Pump

visited a friend the day after Christmas. On the way home the water pump started squealing badly ;(

The radiator and fan had to be removed.

Old pump off - I hosed the water jackets in the engine block and cylinder head until the water became clear. Lots of rust.

New water pump to the left ready for installation.

Done - elapsed time ~ 2.5 hours


  1. Hi Joseph - am impressed that your water pump job took only 2.5hrs. I used to own an Austin Mini & then a Mini Cooper & a water pump replacement would probably have taken me a day or a weekend job!

    Enjoying your 76-6SN7 linestage in my system, thanks.
    And your photography stuff too.

    Cheers, Owen

  2. Thanks for the kind words Owen!

    Removing the radiator has been a routine procedure since I've been trying to get rid of rust in the cooling system. Once the radiator is out of the way, access to the water pump is straight forward.

    Nice to hear from someone who share similar interests.

    Have a great New Year!



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