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Mini Radiator Overhaul

Keep cool ;)


  1. So, if I follow correctly, you un-soldered the top tank, ran a rod down each vein to scrape out whatever solids that built up to impede the flow of water through each vein, back-flushed it by forcing water under pressure into the bottom tank hose connector and then replaced and re-soldered the top tank.
    Am I correct on the procedure?

    Any idea where I can find a real Mini that isn't a rusty hulk? I've wanted another for several decades!

    1. Yup, you got that right! But for the record, this was done by a radiator shop.

      Rust prevention is part of the challenge of driving any classic car. I am hoping that this recent body/paint job will last longer ;)

  2. I didn't realize there were still radiator shops around! A friend in school's father owned one. He and his brothers/partners all had lead poisoning!

    I've had a lot of British cars, including TR4's, Stag, Many MG's, a couple of E types an Aston Martin, an Angelia and some Minis and at least six big Healys. I loved them all and in return they rusted for me.
    I think the repair/restoration methods and chemical treatments these days give one a much better chance of fighting off rust/rot.
    I fully intend to get another Brit car, they are my first love, so to speak. I'd like another E type, but will probably end up with a TR6, Real Mini or, if all else fails, an MGB (or MGA if I can find one I can afford).

    I'm still using those Hammond 125ESE'sbased on your testing years ago. At the time they were the bargain of the decade! They still hold up pretty well with 45's and 2A3's.
    What are your thoughts on budget SE opts these days?
    Rick Nasti

    1. Good to hear from another British car enthusiast and good luck with your hunt for another project car!

      Re: budget OPTs - I still use Hammond125ESE in an SE71A amp. In all honesty, I haven't played around as much since moving back to Manila. I know Tango closed operations in September 2013. I am not abreast with the Tamura line. James still seems to be in business. I don't own any Hashimoto OPTs but have listened to and tested one -


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