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Shure Mic Transformers

Tipped off by my buddy, Ben C (dude in the middle), I scoured eBay for Shure Mic transformers that can be repurposed for MC step-up duty. These transformers typically sell for under $50/pair shipped within the USA.

They don't have model numbers so I'll identify them based on their step-up ratio.

Primary DCR = 35 ohms and 3500 ohms in the secondary.  I measured a step up ratio of about 1:17, which suits the Denon DL103 and DL103R well. It can be a pinch hitter for the Ortofon SPU in my system, but ideally more gain is needed.

This unit has slightly less gain at about 1:12, primary DCR = 20 ohms and secondary = 2000 ohms. What it gives up in gain is made up for by slightly wider bandwidth. If I were to split hairs, I'd pick this over the 1:17 model above if I were using a DL103 exclusively.

The tonal balance of both Shure transformers is actually quite similar to the Altec 4722 with just a touch less transparency and authority throughout the audio band. At their present ask…