Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Kutztown Radio Show September 2021 + Summer Events

Let me start with two events I attended this past summer.

July 3, 2021

I found 2 x GE RPX for Full Dimensional Monophonic Hifi!

It was an oily day at Sussex County (SCARC) Hamfest, NJ

SCARC Hamfest, July 18, 2021

Kutztown Radio Show 
September 17-18, 2021

Scott 208 + Eico HF86

Art Deco box

Dyna PAS 4 (by Panor) from the 90s

Erhard boards in a Dyna PAS chassis

A pair of Snell Type EIIs.
Audio Note 🇬🇧 hemp woofer? 

Mid-century modern in Kutztown!
AR4s + ROK K33/ESL/Shure M3D

Heathkit WAP-2 preamp + W5 amp

Cool B&W TV!

Tube Testers

I came home with these + a Pentax MX.😊

Stay safe, everyone!


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